1. All Auctions start at a set reserve (that will be clearly posted) and the bidding increments will be either $1.00 to $5.00 dollars

2. Auctions that are won need to be cleared out within 24 hours or the item will be reposted or offered to next highest bidder (house choice). None payment will result in a ban.

3. Winner pays actual shipping of won item. We ship primarily fedex (without exception on live reptiles) quotes can be provided upon request.

4. Auctions Close Firmly at the listed closing time and the winner will be invoiced by either or after auction closing the winner has 24 hours once the invoice is received.

5. If an item is listed as a Soft close auction (overtime format) The time is extended for 5mins each bid for as long as their is activity.


7. Must be 18 years or older to bid.

8. Shipping is Tues -weds (overnight only on thursday).

9. Even if arrangements have been made to meet we still require payments within 24 hours of invoice being received.

10. In order to participate all users must be registered and logged in. You may setup a new account on this site here or login with Facebook.

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